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My parents had 2 La-Z-Boy recliners from the time I was little.  They are the most comfortable chairs I have had.  When I moved out of the house for college, the chairs came with me.  When we got married and bought a house, the chairs joined us.  When my children were babies, we fed them from the recliners.  Unfortunately, the age and constant use finally caught up with them.  Both chairs had broken springs and the fabric on the outside was badly worn and outdated.  We tried to get by with covers, but reality was setting in.  The chairs had to go.

Then we found Bridge Upholstery and Drapery.

I brought the chairs in and they stripped them down, replaced the broken parts and upholstered them with a sharp looking modern fabric.  The chairs look so good, we put one of them in my office and the other in my home.  It is funny to get attached to a chair, but they hold so many memories.  Now their appearance matches our emotional attachment.

I am forever grateful to Bridge for their professional work.  They were easy to work with and took great care with our memories.  We look forward to building more memories with our “new” old chairs!

-Don Harkey